How much should I advertise my simulator Game For?

  1. I have a initial total Budget of 10,000 Robux to advertise my game.

  2. I am thinking of doing sponsorship But I dont really know how much should I advertise it first and then everyday because I want to end up having atleast 50+ concurrent Players at the end of advertising.

This is my Logo For the game.

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3k - 4k advertising i think is a good price

Here’s some basic marketing advice.

  1. If its more of a simulator, spend a majority of your funds onto the sponsorship and less on ads.
  2. If you still need to pay devs, use some of it to do that instead of ‘hoping people buy the gamepasses.’
  3. If your game isn’t quality, don’t expect to get lots of players.

The game is almost complete so I only need to pay for the music and everything else is done! I think music will be around 1k so I have seperate robux for that so I have 10k fully for ads, I think my game is not as good as a front page game but its not bad either, Here is a screenshot of it
ik the map looks a bit empty I will add a lot more stuff such as trees, rocks, mushrooms there

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Alright, I recommend mostly sponsoring it.

well you could spend like 100 each week or more and slowly grow big and be patient because sometimes you cant always spend a lot of robux just in case