How much should I charge for my clothing commissions?

I have been designing clothing on Roblox for a few years now, and while I have done some commissions in the past and always had happy, returning customers… everyone’s always told me that my prices were low. I suppose this could be a good thing, but at the same time I want to sell my designs for what they are worth. Below are a few examples of some of the clothing I have made, a simple price quote would be appreciated.




They look amazing but I am not sure what they are worth tho.
What is the normal price you sell it for?

It looks quite amazing to me.
No gonna lie, I liked all of them

I think the price should be:

More than 20, below than 50.
Over 25 and under 47.

They look amazing. I really liked your clothes creations. In general, a good job, at what price would you put them?

Shading looks good, probably 2.7k robuxs each.


Normally I sell uniforms and stuff like that for around 400. I’ve traditionally sold more casual clothing for around 200.

I would say that your proces aren’t low then for shirts.

The shading is open sourced by kestrel, the outline was drawn by OP.

What was the original pricing?

The value varies on the client’s expectations, this particular shading style isn’t as in demand unless it has a generic brand slapped on the design I.e Nike hoodie

I personally wouldn’t purchase your services because I’ve outgrown this style, it’s too mainstream and oversaturated at this point in my opinion.

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It all depends on linework and shading in my opinion. If your linework is unique but the shading is just a template overlayed on top, then i’d charge 500 robux at most. If your linework and shading will be unique for the commission, 1-2k.

You’ll find once your quality improves and your demand in the community goes up, it’s appropriate to increase your pricing.

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