How much should I charge for this?

Not sure if this is the right category. But I am unsure on how much I should charge for these things.

(I will be doing the UI for them as well)

  • Script the DevProducts [ They will be presented in UI too ]
  • Do the UI’s [ Shop UI [ For gamepasses, Inventory, Skip Stages & Stage Meter ]
  • Script the badges
  • The systems such as DataStore, Progress Meter, the Arrow Guide System and so

Stuff for the persons obby game. (he was willing to pay 6k robux for all of that. and I am not sure if it is the right amount)

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I would say to charge based on how complex they are, so if somebody wants something simple it isnt that much, but if they want something more advanced then it can worth more as you are spending more time for whatever they are asking for.

Thats a lot you know, if its adjusted for how much roblox takes, thats about $40 USD (convert that to whatever currency)

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Well are you a new scripter or an experienced one? From what I’ve read alone sounds quite simple for most.

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there pretty simple to me


Honestly, base it off of your own preference. To me, 6,000 ROBUX seems like a very good price since I’m broke. However, you need to take into account:

1. How many days did it take to write the scripts?
2. Are you an experienced scripter/making advanced scripts?
3. Research the person whos paying you. Have they ripped off people before?

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6k is probably really good then, take it man. If not i’ll take it for you :slight_smile:

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