How much should I charge per GFX?

Hello. I’m a new member to the Devforum and my name is Hadeel. I’m quite new to graphics and wondering how much I should charge for each gfx. Any assistance would be helpful, thank you!

Examples here:


If your interested in buying, dm my discord: hadeel | hadeelalrighty#6573


These are quite good. I would suggest going for 500-750 robux per GFX.


I like your GFX and they look pretty awesome to me. As for the pricing, I am not as sure as I am not an expert, but you can start at 500 ROBUX.

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Hi, i really liked the 2th gfx, and i think you should charge from 750-2000 Robux!

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Thanks! Really appreciate it! :heartpulse:

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Aw thank you for the suggestion!

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I told other people this, but it all depends on time, the group/game/person you are giving it to

  • If the person you are giving it to is using it for a big project, and are willing to give out a lot of robux then go for around 500-1000 robux for icons, and 1000+ for thumbnails/ bigger renders

Great work on the GFX


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Great work on the GFX! Pricing really varies depending on the complexity of the GFX, hence the amount of time that is put into it.

For those I would say 250-650! I would fix the head (there’s some type of weird lighting on the head) on the second one! Other than that I think you did pretty well for starters.

Excited to see what you bring to us in the future.


I’d say 250-500. Try working with different texts. Some are very popular which doesn’t seem unique, but your GFX is certainly outstanding!


If I was you I would charge 1,000R$ for them because they look pretty good.

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Thank you! I’ve decided to stick with 200-2000 since I feel that people wouldn’t be happy with paying 1k.

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Okay,its ur art so you decide but I agree with that decision.


Things to consider
Your gfx are pretty good for starters, but there is certainly some things you can improve on. For example, how the girl seems to float in the fifth gfx? Shadows and lighting could also be used to improve the gfx and make it more realistic.

As for pricing, I’d suggest you charge about 150-250 per gfx. Good luck!


Up to 500 robuxs. Your renders are very nice.


Hello I was wondering for the gfx that said “tight” what was the font you used I have been trying to find it and I myself think you should charge around 500+

I am pretty sure asking how much you should sell things for is against DevForum rules.

Pretty good, starting out I’d charge around 500 Robux, and up to 1,000 for the more complex ones, then as you get better and build yourself a bigger name, I’d push it a little more and raise your prices, and compose a commission sheet.

Those are some nice GFXs, keep it up and good luck! :slight_smile:

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