How much should I sell this knight armor?

I’ve built this simple knight armor out of spheres in studio. How much robux would this probably be worth? Thanks



May I ask how many parts does it have? Also does it use any meshes?

117 parts. No meshes but I can easily turn the parts into 4-6 meshes.

It is very nice, although I don’t know too much about model selling I would say this would go around 400-800 R$ if I were going to purchase it.

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It is worth around 500 robux. You might get it to 750 or 100 if you can make the armour smoother and more metallic.


Looks like a cancerous tumour. Please edit it.

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I agree with what everyone else is saying, you should try making it less lumpier and smoother. Along with, these armors in real life are metal, you should change that.

After you successfully do all those things, I’d say It’s worth about 1.5k

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Did you use any unions by any chance?

400 robux but if you could just smooth it out and make it look more like metal then you could get a higher price such as 750. Hope this helped.