How much should I sell this simulator map for?

I’m trying to sell this lowpoly simulator build, and I need opinions on how much I should sell it for. I’ve asked a few friends, and they said around 10-20k, but I’d like to receive opinions from more experienced developers. The build consists of 9 maps. It’ll also come with a series of pets. The map does not use any free models, and the entire build was created by myself, with just some tiny help from a friend. The game is not scripted.

Image of the entire map:

Game link:
Feel free to check it out.

I’m only looking for feedback on how much I should sell it for, not feedback on the build itself. Your opinions would be very helpful.
(Also correct me if this is the wrong category)


Maybe 6k! That would be enough or maybe a little more, is it full scripted with guis or just building and that looks like an obby or tycoon

It’s currently just the build. It was going to be scripted, however development plans changed, and now I’m selling it.

Okay, Maybe 5k-6k, not going to lie but it looks like a tycoon or an obby, hows it work?

It’s just multiple maps to a simulator. It was originally going to be where you unlock each map separately. Not very similar to an obby.

it looks good though! you should try 6k or maybe 7k, can we direct message? i’d like to see the pets!

if you going give this map with scripts i am think 2,000 robux if that no come with scripts so i am think that need be 1,000

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How about 5000? or something near that?

You can join the game to see the map and pets for yourself. The link is provided, if you need.

Honestly, I think these maps need alot of work before you put them up for sale. Try to be original, I think I spotted a few FM’s I don’t have a problem with that but I am not sure if someone will buy a place loaded with them. Don’t do it for the Robux, do it for fun, you should enjoy building. Learn new stuff, after you’ve gained experience, you can sell. Hope you understand, the map is pretty ordinary and I can’t even price it. Not trying to be rude, once again, don’t be in a rush to do commission, take your time to get better at it.

I hope that you understand my concern and good luck with your future projects.


If 5,000 sounds good to you let me know

Don’t let people low-ball you on here, 10K or above.


These maps are very well done, and have a great style to each of them however. Regarding selling them i honestly think each of, these maps needs some more details implemented to them. As once i joined there are only a couple of! Details added to each of the 9 maps you, have made you could always try adding some. More details to each of them just to give it, more decorations to it however making a price for the 9 maps! You gotta make sure to price your work based, off of the amount of hours you spent on it. Please don’t price your builds at a low price if, i was to give a price i would say around 5k-10k since it’s. Still being worked on and your going to implement! A script to the whole game so it could go for, even more but a fully completed and highly, detailed maps can go for even more depending! On the quality of the maps but if you plan on, adding more details to each of the maps. It could be even more depending on the amount of hours spend on it.

I a bit disagree on this statement 1k-2k is a very low price, on maps these kind of maps could go for 10k-5k or more depending on the amount. Of hours you spend on it if he added a script, to the whole game it could be even more i don’t! Think 2000 or 1000 is the right price for 9 maps and if he plans, on adding more details to it it will still not be a very low price. I would try adding more details to each of your maps as i feel it, could be more things added to some of the maps! You have here.

I’d say around 5K, or if you’re going for profit off the work you did, go a bit higher, but I wouldn’t extend it to 8K or higher, since people would be complaining to why it’s so expensive or yet overpriced.

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I would choose 5k as an amount, remember, the more detail the price goes higher.

I think 3,000 robux would be a reasonable price for this build.