How much should I spend on advertising for my clothing group/clothing

I own the clothing group Dominic Clothing:

I was wondering how much I should spend on advertising, and if I should advertise the entire group, my homestore, or one of the pieces clothing that looks best/profitable.

It would also be great if you told me what style or piece of clothing from my catalogue you like best.


Visited the Homestore, it’s a good start from another developer who built several homestores

So since you already have a decent clothing lineup, the frequency of advertising solely depends on how much funds do you have. Since your group Is still growing, I do recommend for you to advertise your group and not the game yet, so people who click on your ads can understand what is the group first.

You could:
-Only advertise on the weekends with medium/high funds to capitalize on player availability
-Advertise every day with minimum funds to keep spreading your group name

Realy it boils down to how far are you willing to go to grow your clothing group

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This wasn’t really the answer to the question, but I just thought I’d give you a tip for how to maximize advertising, if you don’t already know
Create a bunch of ads, maybe like 5-10. They don’t all have to be new ads, they could just be variations with color, etc.
Take half of the robux you’re willing to spend and split it among the ads. See which one gets the best CTR and spend the rest on that ad!

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Perfect! I already did that! Issue is, I’m losing 200 robux now because of that, so I want to be extra sure before i make any decisions.

Well, how much Robux do you have :money_mouth_face:?

No, but your goal when advertising is to get your money back. Spend only what you think you can return, and depending on your audience, this will be harder to do. You need to have something that will attract potential buyers. Because I don’t really know what a home store is, I’m not going to pretend I have some idea of what your target audience is.

Spend about 1K Robux (change this based on your budget every day, and get audiences looking at your ads. Your goal is to maximize CTR, so keep low spending and continue to rigorously adjust and tweak the ad to attract the audience. So, to summarize, small spending over a large period of time.

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