How Much Should I Spend On Advertising My Homestore?

How Much Robux Is Enough?

Hey, my Group is called Roblox HQ and we’re a clothing group. We recently had a small homestore built with roughly 37 full outfits on display to be purchased.

I found a potential investor who is willing to pay 2.5k Robux on Ads for our homestore and I’m not sure whether or not that’s enough to bring in a good amount of revenue. If so, how much % of the game’s revenue do you think I should share for that amount?

Here’s a screenshot / thumbnail of the Homestore:


Do you think I should give a certain % to the investor or should I just spend my own robux and if so, how much?


Well Roblox adds and sponsors run on a bidding system there for if someone else spends like 10k then there’s would for sure be seen more I recommend either countering that offer or using your own basically that is to little I think but in the end it’s up to you.

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So what you’re saying is I should take up the 2.5k offer? If so, then I would be able to spend 10k of my own robux but I don’t want to take the risk of losing it all.

In the end it’s up to you it depends if it’s just one add for 2.5 k or if it’s multiple if it’s multiple then I might go with that deal but it’s up to you in the end I am not experienced with more than 5k so I dont know to much but I am experienced with adds.

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Yeah, it’s just one ad. If you think I should go with it, how much % of the games revenue do you think is reasonable for that investment?

Maybe 10 to 15% I’m not experienced in investing but I think that is reasonable I don’t know this guy so I don’t know if he like wants alot or isn’t picky but I think that’s reasonable. Hope this helps if you have any more questions you can keep replying or message me.

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Thank you for the help, I appreciate it. Since it’s not exactly a game, I wanted an investor to help with the ad’s instead as I’m also working on another project (simulator) which I have hope in. I intend to spend around 10 - 15k robux into this instead as a simulator is obviously more engaging than an homestore.

Yeah but you can make some good robux of a home store good luck with the advertising and I wish you the best of luck.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

5k robux should be a good start you can do more if it was successful
investors should be baid around 2 -10% of the game id suggest 5

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The thing is there’s only 37 full outfits to be purchased all priced at 7 robux each. Since there’s no gamepasses, do you still think 5k robux will be enough to make me some profit?

well in that case start slowly! around 500 Robux and also spend them wisely
keep growing and Add more amount if you’re successful gl!

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Yeah, for now I may start with that amount and if the store seems successful I’ll just re-invest the revenue I make back into the game and probably add more humanoids to sell more outfits.