How much should I sponsor?

I made a game over the past few months, and I think I’m ready to start launching ads/sponsors.
(I know people say launching ads is more effective. I don’t have the money to hire someone to make an ad, and I definitely couldn’t make one, lol.)
This is the game. It’s called Mystical Sticks and it’s heavily inspired off of Sword Fight On The Heights. It is basically a sword fighting game on several platforms, with low gravity, “trampolines”, and highways/roads to travel on, to get from one place to another.
I currently have around 7.6k R$ for ads. Here are my main questions:

  1. Would this be enough robux for me to launch ads effectively? Should I save up more?
  2. Since I’m sponsoring, would this really be effective? Compared to ads?

Honestly, it’s all plus and minus.
Giving in, and sacrificing, later comes in as good.

Here is a tip though. While you might bet only 100 robux, it says your gonna get around “10k” impressions, kinda blowing your mind for small developers. But, think about it. How many people click the ads within the 10k?

So, to help small developers, I put it to the test.

I hired a professional GFX maker. Posted the ad for 100 robux. Yes, I did gain 121 members in around a week. But, for people who are going stragiht ahead as developers, that isn’t enough, and so will it for games. Now, some of the members would be the people who beg for robux in group walls.

So, to conclude, really, as long as you don’t bet 100-300, then you should be fine. As I said, it’s all plus and minus. Also, advert on weekends, and holidays. That’s when more people are at home, or resting somewhere, meaning there is more chance you will get more views and CTR.

Edit: thanks for the like btw, also the game looks good, even though there are 1 player(s) including me only lol


Hm, Im looking to invest 800 robux. With an advanced gfx. How many people do you think would play my game?

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Well, it should tell you ther. But by simple math, if 100 robux = 10k impressions, then, 800 robux = 80k impressions.

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Yes ik that, but how many people do you think would PLAY the game,

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It really depends on the type of game you’re advertising and who you’re advertising to.
What’s the game?

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Its a showcase. But from what people tell me it has a mocap vibe,

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Then it could depend.
Lots of people would probably play the game, but it would prob be like a rollercoaster sometimes.

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Aight, So would it get at least 1k players.

Concurrent players or total players?

Uh In Total. I Dont Think 1K People Would Play My Game At Once.

Yeah, you could probably hit 1k
I sponsored 450 R$ on phone and tablet, and 500 R$ on computer and peaked 100 visits in less than 24 hours.

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Aight that makes sense. But I Kinda Turned it up a notch now im gonna invest 1.6k.

That should get a bunch of people.
How much robux do you have for sponsoring?

I Have 1600 Robux that I can use to sponsor rn.

Oh okay.
Maybe do the 1.6k overtime, like 800-900 at a time bc sometimes it could bring more players than 1.6k in a day.

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Aight thanks for the help!