How much should my RGB255 color picker gamepass be

My gamepass is quite obvious–choose a color from RGB255 instead of the standard color picker.
The standard color picker:
standard color picker

Current Gamepass Price: 40
Popularity: not well known, although earned premium payouts (like 30 robux only)

I want to decrease it because of how not well known my game is, but I also need money. I’ve noticed other games and their color picker is like 200+ robux. However, there are some games whos color picker is free. I also struggled quite abit making this gamepass.

How much should I sell it for?

What exactly are you going to be customizing with the colors?

Since it’s not that popular yet, I would recommend a cheap price like 15 robux.

A colour picker specifically seems a really arbitrary type of game pass, it tells me nothing about what I can do with it in game, which if I didn’t like it after buying or you failed to implement it a decent way, I would complain.

I would argue that a decent colour pallet should be a basic function of any game allowing customization.

If instead you advertised it as ‘Colours +’ and allowed the user to apply gradients or cool designs, that would be worthwhile for a game pass.

You could also look to something like Phantom Forces that allows you to pay for a choose a skin for your weapons.

Hair Color, Shirt Color, Pant Color, Shoe Color, Glove Color, 6 Accessory Colors

i suggest putting it to 48 robux (i got this number by counting the words in ur link dividiing it by 1.5 and multplying it by 2)


Okay, but @WingItMan’s idea sounds even better. :slight_smile:

I’d pay about 150-500 Robux for it.

thats uhh alot of robux in my case

I feel like thats a bit too much for people and will probably decrease the amount of sales that the gamepass gets.

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