How much should you give to hire an Audio Designer?

I’m definitely wanting to acquire an audio designer, but I’m not sure on how much I show pay them. Let’s say that I have a game where each chapter might be divided into chapters and each chapters might need 2-3 new audios completely depending on the scene that’s happening. I’m guessing by that point I should give a percentage of my company. How much would I give? (High quality audio as well, and I hire them for the “company” as well.)

500 is a low amount. I doubt you’ll find someone for even that amount. I charge 3k per 30 seconds, but change it based on the order.

Music and sound design is something that takes a lot longer than people think. Many people underprice our work. 1k at least.


500 Robux huh. Let’s say if I need someone to develop a theme song that plays the minute you join? How much would that take?

I’d say 1k-2k. Depends on how well you want it made.


But what about actually hiring them. Would I have to pay like every two weeks or do they get a chunk of earnings?

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I may not be a composer but the majority of people in any line of work would be looking for a one time payment for a commission like this, if you are trying to hire people make sure you have the money to do so before you make the game as people want to be guaranteed payment and the promise of payment through percentages or over time could easily not happen.

tl;dr: payment should be one payment when the product is complete, or if the composer wishes and the buyer agrees in 2 payments at the start/middle and end.


Right, but the product won’t be complete like that. The chapter will come out one at a time and those chapter might need music. Do I keep paying them for new music if I need it or give them a percentage?

Also I’m hoping to hire after chapter 1. And also hoping it gets some popularity.

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I would personally not accept a percentage from anyone without knowing that it was a reliable source that would get me paid what i wanted, the safest way to go is buying individual products from the composer each time you need it, this way you are not spending too much if they game does pick up, and it means the composer gets paid if it doesn’t.

The product in my reply meant the music the composer provides, as this is the product they would be selling and you would be buying, so after they have made it their product will be complete, unless they allow you to request edits.

Thanks! You two have helped a ton! I think I have a grasping on what I should be doing with the audio design for my game. Thanks again!

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I recently took a recurring paying job for music. 2k a week. I’m not saying the name of the group though for publicity reasons. Some people like upfront. Some like weekly. For weekly I’d say 500 is fine.


Thanks! Will use this information.

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