How much smooth terrain makes signifcant performance drop

I am working on a space game with planets for each place and I am using smooth terrain and the maps need to be as big as possible how much terrain can a place handle before it gets laggy?

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It won’t get laggy, it would just take up more memory.

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Oh but game performance drops alot tho how much terrain would be bearable?

I don’t know exactly how much terrain is laggy, but I can recommend some alternatives for that “planet game”

Use decals in the sky as planets and script them to always be looking at the player’s camera. If you are adding travels to other planets, make it so when you are at a certain distance from the decal, it teleports you to another place with the actual planet, that way you won’t have to worry about “too much terrain”.

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it already teleports players to each place thats not what im asking i just wanna know at what point the performance gets bad.

It depends on each device. You can test it by yourself. Terrain is pretty much optimized for most devices so you’ll need to add very much for it to cause lag

Terrain doesn’t really cause much lag, if you’re really worried about it pay for a chunk loading system.