How much time datastore hold data?

My question is simple: if i save some data in the data store today (27/12/22). How long this data keep saved in dataStore? 1 Year? 1 month? Anyone knows this information?


As far as I know, forever, until you delete it (because it’s either not needed or because you got a right-to-erasure request for that user).

I wouldn’t say Forever,

Theoretically it should hold Data “Forever,” But Sometimes by Random Chance: Data can be Completely Wiped or Fail to Load, And if your Data Saves Without being Properly Loaded, It will Keep that new Data and you will Lose all Previous Data.

DataStoreService Can be down sometimes, Which is where it can fail, Sometimes It will Fail to be Accessed, Or Load, However This is Unlikely to Happen,
Do Note that the Failed to Load Part is way more Common than Failed to Access Part.

People would use pcall to help Prevent Errors Involving this Situation However, If there is an error, It shouldn’t halt your code.

I’m not sure if saving a lot of Data would cause issues (Most Likely will)
Overall, It should Store Data for a Very long time depending on the Condition.

If you are Concerned about DataStore Limits, and Error Codes .