How much to advertise clothing group with?

Hi there! I’m sepro1144, the owner of UNexus Studios. I recently started a clothing group, and have made it a subsidary to the parent organization. I’m just wondering one thing at this point, and that is.

How much to put on advertisements?

I think I should put around R$500, but am not sure…


I don’t have a clothing group but in my opinion 500R$ isn’t enough. I would say atleast 5k R$ and maybe you should use multiple ads to sponsor your group. You could also sponsor 2.5k R$ on the first day then sponsor another 2.5k R$ on the next day.


It depends on what the clothing looks like, could you provide a screenshot?

Here’s a pants/shirt set -

As well as stuff like thus -

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I would recommend $5k starting, 500 robuxs just seems too low.

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I’d recommend creating more clothes and developing your skill as a clothing creator before you advertise

the roblox clothing market is pretty tough, I used to enjoy making clothing but it gets old fast when your shirt gets copied for the 1000th time (not exaggerating) and sold by others

unless your clothing item and ad are really good I’d recommend saving your robux until then, or even building your brand and buying a group icon/logo etc instead

not posting this to show off, but rather add some weight behind my advice

I have several clothing items with 1k+ sales and my post popular shirt has 5k sales

advertising has never worked for me personally, but I never really put a ton of robux into trying either


Well, the way advertising on roblox works, is; If you spend more robux on ads, your ads will show up more. However, You may want to get some investors first to help you out with ads, as this can be expensive. I would recommend starting off with as much as 1-2k robux, and then increase it.


So did you never really profit from making clothing?

Not really to be honest, any robux I put into the group I always only got about 70% or less back

by far the majority of the sales I got are not from ADs but rather when I needed to put robux into my group, if I needed some robux in my group funds I would set a shirt’s price to let’s say 30k robux and then I’d buy that shirt and 21k would be in my group funds due to tax

I then figured out after doing that, that roblox boosts clothing (on the catalog) based on how much robux it’s earned in a set amount of time and due to this the tax actually lowers to around 10% or 5% because I end up earning a good portion of the robux that was deducted because roblox boosts the shirt

but I never gained any profit, maybe it’s because my clothing isn’t good enough who knows but I had fun making clothes so I still did it even though I didn’t profit, but I got fed up with my clothes getting copied and roblox doesn’t really do anything about it so I just quit

just to prove how bad it is just search on the catalog for " :comet: Blue Beast :comet:" or ":ok_hand:t2:Blizzard Beast Mode Hoodie :ok_hand:t2: " and see how many copies you will find and that’s only two of my shirts