How much visits and players I can get with this amount of sponsor

I have a game that I will realse soon
But I was wondering how much visits and players I can get with 15k sponsors on phone?
Note I will split it to 3 days

Thanks for reading


It’s difficult to approximate, but if it’s anything to go off of, bidding only 10 on phone I got 19K+ impressions and 30 clicks recently.

I got 30 clicks by bidding 150 robux

I was wondering how much I can get with 15k total
I am expecting like 500-600 but I have no idea with advertising

It can very greatly, but I’d recommend running sponsors on the weekend because there’s typically more people online. I believe I ran mine on the weekend.

Since phone has a lot of players and you are bidding that amount of R$ I think you would get about 10K - 100K players. Also, like @TheAgentRAINBOW said I recommend running them on the weekends. Hopefully this helps! :smiley:

This might be off topic but i recommend advertising and biding around 500 robux per ad, this is based of experience cause recently i made a development group for my upcoming game but im wanting to get players in the group to be notified when the game gets released so i bid 500 robux per ads and they usually get 400-500 clicks and around 40-50 people join every time