How much would an R15 RCL style raycast gun system cost?

So lately me and my friends have been working hard on an SCPF site, and although the development has been going good, we have run into a big roadblock. A gun system, and so we have decided we are going to try hire a gun scripter, the problem is, we don’t have a huge budget, and I’m interested in seeing how much a gun system would actually cost.
Here is a list of features:
-Raycast bullets, full customization in terms of size, colour, material etc.
-Crouching, which would cancel out sprinting and lower the players walk speed.
-Hold down, which would cancel out firing the gun.
-An interchangeable gun cross hair. (The player would enter in the image ID)
-Full customization in terms of bullet damage, firerate, spread, reload time, ammo per magazine etc.
-Interchangeable fire, reload, and equip sfx.
-Interchangeable muzzle flashes, and hit effects (Hitting players and solid objects)
-And anything else that a good raycast RCL style gun system would have.

Examples of some gun systems: (Yes I know the first one is not R15, I’m just trying to showcase the actual bullet firing.)

It really depends on complexity and functions you wan’t the gun to have, and I would suggest hiring someone to make it and not buy one, since it might be sketchy and its not allowed on the DevForum.

Thank you for the advice, I might have said it wrong but I was planning on hiring somebody, which is why I was interested in how much it would cost to get it made.

SCPF sites tend to have guns that don’t require as much coding. If you’re on a 10K robux budget for a gun system, expect to pay anywhere from 10-90% for the quality you’re looking for (all devs vary).

I can actually give you a good example of this. My game No-Scope Sniping used to have an ugly gun system, so I needed a new one. I payed 2.5K robux for somebody to help me develop it (security, springing system, bullet drop, in-code metamodules, etc.). The system is very advanced, so I would expect a bit less for what you’re looking for.

That’s true. Third person guns typically cost less than First person guns, due to the fact you don’t need to animate or script any first-person models. However, introduction of “cool” mechanics (attatchments, 3rd-person gun animation, springing, etc.) will exponentially increase the price.

Thank you for the advice, I’m happy to hear that it is not as expensive as I thought it would be, although I always keep in mind that sprinting, crouching and similar features will raise the price.

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Correct, especially with this case. Keep in mind it’s harder to create more features that manipulate the same instance or userdata without letting up anti-exploits or bugs.