How much would this realistic map sell for?

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Hi there! I am selling this map, but I’m not sure at what price. Can any experienced builders here tell me what price fits this map?
Here’s a link to the map if you would like to see it in-game.


Here are some pictures of the map.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Xezlo#0075

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I think that this map isn’t so worth…

It is literally terrain, cloned and resized trees and an invisible wall.

I don’t see it pretty realistic to be honest, the river looks so linear and its borders are so curved. I would say that not more of 200 R$

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Thanks for the reply. Most of the other people who checked it out in-game said I should sell it for around 4k, but I appreciate your time to reply.


I recommend removing some of the trees, changing some of the models to make them look different from each other, making the map a little bit bigger and make the mountains smoother.

If you’re objective is to do a realistic abandoned zone, you could add a broken bridge of wood, lilypads, some rocks and sticks. Maybe a wood cabin or pieces of a lost vehicle or something?

Also, change the Skybox to something darker.

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That sounds like a good idea, thanks!

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Ello there!

Just checked out the map, and honestly it’s a nice concept!
I would definitely add some more randomness in the trees(For instance, different branches, different height, slight difference in some coloration, etc.
I would also add some more randomness in the mountains, as currently is just looks duplicated.
Currently it doesn’t look like a lobby, and more like a terrain map. Some possibilities to change this would be the following:
Some builds, like a shack, etc.
Tree stumps,
A main building/cabin house,
Possibly a fire pit?
You could also add a path with low poly lanterns, which (imo) would look nice with your current build.

Other than that, you’re doing good so far!

If I were to say a price it would sell for, I would say around R$100 as it’s currently relatively easy to re-create. Add some pizzazz! Make it your style!

Good luck and have fun improving it!


The map looks fine, I would suggest some improvements as they all look the same, maybe change around some models and in sizing. However, this would be worth in the range of 500-1k. Great map overall.

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  • Add a wider range of environment features such as rocks, logs, sticks, bushes, etc.
  • Add a built structure to give it that main focus, such as a small house hut or something.
  • Add caves, this could also be used as a main focus.

However, I would price it for around 500 - 800 robux.

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