How much would you pay for a VIP server with these custom settings?



Hey! I’m thinking on making VIP servers in my game give the owner full customisation of how the game works and functions, but I don’t know how much I would like to charge. How much would you personally pay for a VIP Server with these customisation options?

Table settings: Rage, Range, Power, Ragdolls, Damage
Main settings: Map, Gamemode, Music, Gravity, Time etc
Custom Settings: Intermission Time, Round Timer on / off, different gamemode times, lobby mode

  • 50 - 100 Robux
  • 100 - 200 Robux
  • 200+ Robux
  • Other

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This would depend for the most part on the quality of the game I’d be purchasing a VIP server for. However, I’d say that a price of around 300 Robux would be reasonable for me.


I don’t think anyone will pay over ~200-300R$. You should try to balance accessibility/price ratio for biggest gain.


500 seems a bit to overboard imo. I did some math and figured out that BC members make around 460 robux a month, so I want to make it affordable for the majority of the audience.


That’s an interesting statistic. I based my reply on the prices of some of the game passes of more popular games, though again, I think that my experience of the game overall would be the largest factor of the money I’m willing to pay for a VIP server.

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100-200 would be a good price let’s say 150 Robux. Most people can effort that, but add in the game description what bonus it gives you. In this case features. So you have a higher chance people will pay for it.

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There’s something like this , in a pretty old game yet still played by some everyday and it only costs 10 R$ :smiley:


As others have mentioned it’s going to vary from game to game based on the quality and how much users enjoy it. If the customization is as good as you claim (based on the OP it seems like you can become practically a god?) then I imagine you can make it kinda beefy.

I think if you figured out the statistics on how many users are returning to your game then that would help your decision.


Of course there are limits, but this is designed to mess around in with your friends, not for serious competition for like a rare skin(Even though you can edit it to be like that.)


Yeah I figured, if player’s were capable of becoming very overpowered through grinding in a VIP server then that would be pretty unfair.


You will not be able to spam the rare gamemodes like the one where coins drop. Thinking of making this a random event instead of a mode.


I charge 125 R$ for vip server without any custom settings and have over 600 subscriptions active right now

I don’t consider that bad for a game that gets <300k visits a month

If I was a fan of a game, I would easily pay over 300 robux for custom settings, and I know others would do the same


I wanna keep this into consideration, most people who buy VIP servers have BC (standard or better). But 125R$ is a pretty spicy price


I would pay 50 - 100 Robux, if not less due to the reason that I’m taking into consideration the possibility of renewal for the next month. If I were the average BC member, I would maybe buy it once or twice if it were expensive but if it were cheap I’d most likely keep it ongoing for the coming months.


You have to keep in mind that money doesn’t have the same value for developers and regular players.
Heres how much money players earn per month based on their subscription:

BC: 15 * 30 + 100 (Signing Bonus) -> 450R$
TBC: 35 * 30 + 100 (Signing Bonus) -> 1150R$
OBC: 60 * 30 + 100 (Signing Bonus) -> 1900R$

That means that BC players would be able to buy just one private server per month and spend 75% of their money on it. The player has to really like your game to spend 75% of their montly income just on private server.

We keep looking at Robux from DevEx perspective, where 300R$ is approximately 0.85$, but if you look at it from player’s perspective, where they have to buy that robux, it’s about 3$.


I’ve seen some games with R$ 500 VIP servers that have full customisability over the entire game experience. However, as @Legoracer said, not all players have that much disposable income for a monthly VIP Server subscription.

I price of about R$ 300 does seem very good, but it does depend on your player base.

For example, if the majority of your player base have OBC then I would say go for about R$ 300, if most of them are NBC players, then I would suggest a 100 - 200 R$ price point.

Personally, the amount I pay depends on how much I enjoy the game and my willingness to support the developer.

I hope you take all these factors from my post and other’s to create a good experience for your players while still providing profit

Elliott :slight_smile:


I’ll charge 100 to 125 just because its more settings and more nice stuff then the normal they have right know.