How much would you pay for GFXs?

Hi, I’m a Graphic Designer with 2 years of experience.

I’m currently charging 5-7K Robux for a thumbnail + tax covered.

800-1K Robux for a PFP/Icon + tax covered.

I would like to know if the prices are ok or not. I’ll link some of my work below!





Here’s the thing, with GFXs that’s usually meant for marketing purposes, I personally think what matters the most is the positioning, general atmosphere and the story it tells.
That’s the hard part.
If someone sells their GFX services for a high price, above 2000 Robux each, then what I’m mainly into is whether if the marketing statistics they got with their GFXs are good, which includes CTR for ads & icons and Conversion Rate from CTR to CPP for thumbnails.

The models and other assets are important, but whether if the viewers will be attracted to the preview, it is the GFX artist’s job. Should it be 3rd person? 1st? Should it be from the top? Which stage of gameplay should I feature? What is the core of the GFX?

For example, the generic military GFXs aren’t marketing artworks, they’re just remade to a fine “quality” over and over again like with factories.

So my opinion is that, the better the statistics of a GFX artist’s previous work, the higher his service’s price should be. “High quality” with no extraordinary twists is just a cheap filiter.

Your GFXs are decent, even though I have no idea whether if the results with them were good, but it does have the basic details well done.


Hello! Just sent a commission request! let me know if you’re interested!

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I have to tell you, your thumbnails and work are awesome! I would say 5-7k or even 8k-10k Robux is absolutely fair, considering the detail, light, models, and everything you give to these thumbnails!