How much would you pay for this house?

Hello, people of Dev forum how much would you pay for this house? and why or why not? It’s just a house for show.

This is my very first house I made on Roblox.


I would pay anywhere between 10-25. Because of the following.

1 - It has no interior.
2 - That is a big door knob.
3 - Is the a modeled Light?

---- Hope you do well in the future!


Well, no because like I said it just for show but I will try to put some on there.

Ya, I wanted it to be small but I rushed it.

Well, yes I made the light neon light because I wanted it to have some light and not dark which for a just for show house idk why I put that in first place.

But thanks for the feedback :laughing::smiley:

This is definitely a start for your first house on ROBLOX. I’d pay around 5 - 25 robux.

I’d pay this much because:

  1. The simple exterior design. (No Windows, Plants, Chimney etc.)
  2. No interior props.
  3. The door inside the house sticks outwards instead of being the same or similar width as the wooden frame.
  4. The door knob is quite big and from this angle, might be slightly tipping or if not even touching the part.
  5. I can’t really tell if there’s a border surrounding the light or not, but it doesn’t look like so. (Can’t really tell from the neon material, but you can correct me if I’m wrong.)

As I said, it’s a great start for your first house on ROBLOX. The build gives me a classic feeling to it, and I really like it!

Goodluck to builds :wink:


I wouldn’t expect anyone to pay anything for the model. Like you said, it’s your first house. You can imagine that also any other dev could build the same with no experience. Not to mention, it is quite small and would likely be just as quick to model as it would be to contact you and make an exchange.


Personally, I wouldn’t pay anything for it (mainly because I could make it myself)
Keep on building, you will get better! :smiley:


Why would you be sorry about that? I wanted to see how much people would buy this for I know it’s bad.

What does that have to do with the price?

Again, I just wanted to know.

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Thanks, I know it’s bad but that won’t stop me. I will keep working and building.


It means it is just low-quality. I don’t know anyone that would buy a Studio-made model. Try downloading a modeling app such as Blender, so you can make much better models.

@DevNetCheese this is a very false fact. Making models in studio won’t make people not buy your things. In regards to the price, I suggest adding small details, when you do, I would say Atleast 25-30.


Hang on Hang on you trying to tell me that it’s bad to you because it’s not made in blender? Let me know if am understanding this right. Because, if that’s what your saying then your so wrong. No matter what you build on it should not be has less when you make it on blender not everyone has to use blenders and I feel fine making my trash model on roblox studios like I said.

I did not know blender was even a thing until some months ago and I don’t even use it has much I like making my models on roblox studios because it’s better. (For me).


I will add some details I just need to learn how to not rush stuff but thank you for helping me and I hope you have a great day. :smiley:

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As a Builder myself I personally would not buy models from people but if I had to say I would not but this house even if it’s free.

First thing first I don’t know if you tried to aim for a certain style of building (example cartoony or Realistic etc…) or you just went for it and did what you had in mind.

Here’s why

  • This can be easily assembled together (almost by anyone) with some parts and a sphere and a wedge (depend the builder style of build)
  • It is to let’s put it this way Old style Like what you would have seen back in 2012 the building style (note I don’t know if this was your goal)
  • And last it doesn’t include any Interior or any details that make you look twice at it it’s basically a block
  • Players are looking for a building to be visually appealing and interesting in its own way.

I would HIGHLY recommend you to look into

  • Unions
  • Looking at a Reference image or sketch
  • As a builder, how do you plan your builds?
  • Most important tip take your time on the build don’t try to Rush it, it will come together eventually.
  • Later on in your developing career another source of 3D modeling Software Like example Blender will help you out to create some efficient meshes that in Roblox Studio would have taken more parts and also with a 3D modeling Software you can sometimes achieve what in Roblox Studio you could not do (This was a mistake as a builder that I’ve made I had a mentality Roblox Studio Only but today that I’ve use Blender and I’m grateful) Side note I’m not saying to use Blender on everything use it for some parts that can’t be done in Roblox Studio or would take to much to make in Roblox Studio.

Don’t let this discourage you but as an advice to you. I would say first try to get more familiar with Roblox Studio tools and skills and focus on upping your skills in building then start focusing more on marketing.

Type of skills:
Build big for example the door handle and use a plugin to scale it down so you can get the small details

This is my opinion based on your build Hope this help you out.
Keep on Building! :hammer_and_wrench:


Thank you for your feedback some key things

Yes, I was going for this because I loved the 2012 building style.

No, I don’t want or like these because when I build I want it to be simple and but having to much going on at once I know most people would think putting Unions is not doing to much and it would help but, I mostly my builds to be Old and simple.

Well I would but then I got crazy on what to build and make so I just want to make it by myself and I might copy someone else style which has happen nothing really big but I just want to keep it to myself.

Ya am working on that right on slowing down.

But I thank you for your feedback and I will be working on these things I hope you have a great day. :grin::smiley:

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While it’s understandable and acceptable that you prefer to stick to a simple style, you should be aware that if you ever take a commission or make a game people will want up-to-date builds. It would be good to gain practice with unioning, reference photos, etc. This will improve your future portfolio, help you understanding building (and Studio overall) better, and better enable you for a future involving Studio building/off-site modelling.

Good luck with future pursuits!


I’d pay around 100 robux.
As mentioned before, your house is small and The it’s lacking details.

Here are a few thing’s you could potentially add that could enhance the overall look:
• Bed
• Table w/chairs
• Lamps
• Desk
• Kitchen appliances
• Small garden
• Pathway
• Decorative lights
And many more.
Don’t let this discourage you as there are always room for improvement.
Keep up the great work!

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one thing for sure i wouldnt pay anything for it… looks like it even only has like 14 parts MAX… keep on building; you’ll get better

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I personally would not purchase this item, or even take it for free from the models tab. The material is the same throughout the build, there is no interior, the style seems very outdated, the door looks abnormal, and the light is too large.

But don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere! Allow me to give you a few tips for building.

  1. Always have a reference point. When I built my first house I was very inexperienced, but by just looking at a few house examples, and playing other people’s house showcases, I was able to not blatantly copy their builds, but use them as a reference point.

  2. Don’t worry about how much your items will sell for right away. Keep improving and buyers will come to you.

I am very glad that you took the time to upload your creation to the developer’s forum. I look forawrd to seeing your progress and wish you the best of luck!

Stay creative!

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@DevNetCheese Take these replys as positive criticism so you can further improve your buildings skills and learn from this. Don’t let anyone put you down from building.

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Yes, that was what I was aiming for I like the old style of roblox buildings.

@vAshinaa Well I would add some things but like I said it’s just a house for show meaning no one can get in idk why I added light to it be meh.

@aIphabox I know my building is bad I just wanted to know who would buy this old style. As for putting me down Ha am not giving up building at all no matter what people say. But thanks.

Well, I wanted to use less parts I just like the old style keeping it simple and easy.

To all of you thank you for your feedback and I hope you all have a great day. :grin::smile: