How much would you pay for this? (JEEP)

So I made this Jeep a few months back,And never really got any opinions on it,It’s basically those military jeeps made in 1950s.

How much would you pay for it?And would you even pay for it? (if Unscripted)



If i were to buy it, i’d say 250-300 Robux Cause it looks nice, but is unscripted and it depends if people want a realistic game, or a more retro game (Because as nice as it looks, it looks like an update model of those free Jeeps from 2008)

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I would say it would be around 100-400 R$ because it looks kinda simple.

Why does it look like you remade the official model?


I would sell it about 300R$, try making it more detailed.

About 400 for it looks good but I think people would pay a little bit more if it was scripted, and I think if you want someone to buy it meanly try getting like a army to buy it. Roblox has a lot of like 1950 army’s and I think they would like to buy (Maybe). Like I said if it was scripted people would buy a bit more because, who would want a car that can’t drive?

Is the jeep functional or not?

Yes,It is pretty much functional

whatever is functional would add 200-100 robux more

I would pay at least 200 R$. The model is great, but maybe try to make it more modern, and not like use the roblox brick to make it. I’m not criticizing it, but just saying that you should probably remake it in a software like Blender 3D and it will turn out more nice instead of the blocky style.

In my opinion this would go for like 100 - 150 robux.

150 - 200 robux when unscripted, 200 - 300 when scripted. (In my opinion, anyway.)

I really like this, it looks simple but cool, a bit of details which I am fine with. But if you sell this then sell it above 800 Robux. I do not think anything less than that is good, it is a very good car model so that’s why I am saying 800 robux.