How much would you say these models would sell for?

Hi, I’m new here and found that users can sell their builds. I have some models that I and another user created years ago that I never used and thought it would be ideal to sell them.

How much would you say these are worth?



Those models looks amazing. Probably even higher than Swordburst 2 level. I would buy them for 100k, if I have the robux.

Incredible work!

Thank you for the feedback! If you feel interested, check out G4M8IT’s (The other user I worked with) profile places.
You could find all the models he made (including the ones I’ve shown you) in these games: Models - Roblox
POG - Roblox

Just to clarify, the other user gave you permission to sell them, right? If so, I would say this would sell from 90K to 100K :robux_light:.

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Yes. We are brothers actually and both poured equal amounts of effort into our projects. He allowed me to sell the models.


These may be Worth 100k :robux_light:, but they will definitely not sell for 100k. It would take a long time to find the right buyer to buy it for 100k. Try selling some of them for 10k. Maybe try 20k if you are really wanting the money. I know people who can afford to spend 10-20k, but I know nobody who has a budget to buy it for 100k. You could always try though, because I might be wrong.

Anyways, great work!

Happy Holidays!


These are awesome!
I say sell these models around 1-5k :robux_light:

Thanks for your advice, I’ll definitely keep that in mind

These models look pretty cool! I would say about 90k-100k Robux.

Due to the level of detail in the models themselves, I would sell them for around 7,500 robux total. You could probably fetch more if you added more to the collection, though.

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