How "nude" is too nude

I was not entirely sure which category this belonged in, but I figured this is the most suitable area as it is design support.

In past topics, I have had people suggest to me that solid character characters qualify as nude (eg a character that is full grey). I thought this to be strange, as if it was a character completely naturally colored I could somewhat understand this, however considering this was a character with no visible genitalia of the sort, why would this potentially qualify as nude?

This brings me to my next point, what is roblox’s “thoughts” on nude content.

I find that any form of genitalia is not allowed, but what about something as mundane as a butt, would that be allowed.

Take this for context:
I have an opensourced 3d mesh (SCP:CB 096), that has a butt on the back of it (yes I understand how silly that sounds). There are uploads of this mesh on the platform which don’t seem to be content moderated, however with that being said some have clearly made (all-be-it sloppy) attempts at scrubbing away anything they felt would be a violation of the TOS.

Attached below you’ll see a screenshot of the content I am speaking about (spoiler to hide away any “nude” content)

Assuming that the left version in the first image is not allowed, how would you suggest I make this user friendly. As a person with very little modelling experience, I can’t imagine I can do much better than the one on the right of the first image.

Any clarification would be very helpful, thanks in advance.


There might be some answers here

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A creature with absolutely no clothes, isn’t that the limit :laughing:

  1. Remove the male creature breasts
  2. Remove the two round muscles at his back waist

This didn’t help very much as it doesn’t go over something like “butts”. Even so, these meshes I have provided are uploaded (and have been uploaded) for a long time.

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Tips on how to remove the butt, not entirely sure how I should go about this from a design standpoint as I am very inexperienced with blender.

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instead of two round muscles at his back waist (lol) u can just say hips


You could modify the texture in photoshop, you can also remove the nipples using photoshop. I’m assuming thats all it is.

What if the alien wears a diaper? It would actually look quite scary, no irony.


that would make it look weird and funny (no hate tho if i hurt your feelings sorry)

The objective is to make it look scary, but I could look into applying some sort of loincloth as a solution.

I don’t think this is a nude character, nude characters have questionable parts.

Also, why do I hear screa-

That would be more TOS Breaking.