How often should a leaderboard be updated in order to keep the game smooth?

Hi everyone, first, I’m sorry if this is the wrong category but I didn’t really know where to put it…

Here is my question: I have a global leaderboard in my game, and it updates regularly to show the top players, but I don’t really know how often I should make it update. I want it to be updated as much as possible but without making it lag the game. How much time would you think is good?

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i put it at 120 seconds for now (2mins). what do you think?

I’d say two minutes are more than enough to keep the game running smoothly. I don’t think datastores should directly lag your game.

This should probably be in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support and two minutes will definitely not lag, you can probably shorten it to one minute without slowing down gameplay at all.

Nah, based on the About the Game Design Support category post Roblox made, I think this would count under

because I assume he’s looping his script to get the data, and this seems like a general question about how to use loops efficiently.


I think 2 minutes is too much, I would recommend you to keep this into 30-60 Seconds.