How play the keyframes to a diccionary

YouHello, I wonder how you would go about passing the frames of an animation so that what is inside the animsaves folder passes the keyframes (the CFrame) to a dictionary to reproduce the frames by code

Are you looking to pass the CFrame values of keyframes from the animsaves folder to a dictionary for reproducing frames through code?

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Yes this is correct, help me p

Try this.

-- Assuming 'animsaves' is a folder containing keyframes
local keyframesDictionary = {}

-- Access the 'animsaves' folder
local animSavesFolder = game.Workspace.animsaves

-- Populate the dictionary with CFrame values
for _, keyframe in pairs(animSavesFolder:GetChildren()) do
    -- Check if the child is a Keyframe (adjust the condition based on your implementation)
    if keyframe:IsA("Keyframe") then
        -- Store the CFrame value in the dictionary using the keyframe's name as the key
        keyframesDictionary[keyframe.Name] = keyframe.CFrame

-- Access the model or part where you want to apply the keyframes
local targetModel = game.Workspace.YourTargetModel

-- Reproduce frames using the dictionary
for keyframeName, cframe in pairs(keyframesDictionary) do
    -- Find the part or object in the target model with the same name as the keyframe
    local targetPart = targetModel:FindFirstChild(keyframeName)

    -- Apply the CFrame if the part exists
    if targetPart then
        targetPart.CFrame = cframe