How prevent from being scam when being hire or hiring someone

Scam Preventing

Hello! Today I will talk about how to hire someone or be hire without getting scam. There is always some risk when being hire or hiring someone on a third-party platform, but by applying some strategy this can be avoided. There are different strategies I use when being hired or hiring someone. All these strategies I learn base on my experience.

Hiring someone

When hiring someone try to always find a well known developer although this is not always the best way since bigger devs have more experience and prices are higher. Is it okay to hire a not so popular dev.

Look at their portfolio. The first thing I do is look at their portfolio. Most newer developers don’t have a portfolio and are confident to complete the task you assign them. I like to have a rule to never accept a job if no portfolio is shown.

What we talk about are just the basics that most people know. Now let’s get into a more deep understanding.

Project size

Depending on the project size I work differently, for example if a project is really big and can take a few days or weeks. I usually start by paying a small percentage like 20% of the overall price of the project. Once I pay the 20% they should now get started with the project. When I see that the project is being done. I slowly start to pay. Don’t ever pay the full amount at the start as they can run away with everything! Start slowly increasing. When the person has finished, tell them to send a video.

Example on how to see if the project is complete base of the type of job

  • Scripter - Send video

  • Builder- Send video or images

  • UI designer - Send image with watermark

  • Modeler - Send video or image

  • Animator - Send video

  • Music/sound designer - Send audio with audio watermark

  • Video Editor - Send video with watermark

If the project is quick and easy, tell them to complete the project and you pay when everything is finished.

What strategies to use base on the certain job

Scripter - When hiring a scripter make sure to tell them I will pay the full amount when everything has been tested and there are no bugs that appear. A programmer might not always catch tiny bugs they have made. That is why it is your job to figure them out with friends or alone. For example, we hire a scripter and we tell them I will pay you 20% of the overall price of the project to start the project. Step 2 We slowly start to pay he/she. Step 3 the project has been completed and we tell him to pay him 80% of the project and the rest after everything has been tested with your friends or your team and no bugs have been found. Don’t worry I haven’t seen someone decline Step 3 as you probably already earn their trust.

Builder - When hiring a builder make sure to follow all the steps we talk about and make sure he/she sends a video or images before paying.

UI designer - When hiring a UI designer make sure to follow all the steps we talk about and make sure he/she sends images before paying.

Modeler - When hiring a UI designer make sure to follow all the steps we talk about and make sure he/she sends images. Also, to be sure the model or build is okay, tell him/her to send you both Blender and studio file. Yes, both files are necessary because sometimes when you import a model from blender to roblox studio something breaks depending on its triangles.

Animator - When hiring an Animator make sure to follow all the steps we talk about and make sure he/she sends a video before paying.

Music/sound designer - When hiring a Music producer make sure to follow all the steps we talk about and make sure he/she sends with audio watermark before paying.

Video Editor - When hiring a Video Editor make sure to follow all the steps we talk about and make sure he/she sends a Video with a watermark before paying.


  • If you are paying USD go with Paypal which is a secure platform to use.

  • If you are paying with robux through a shirt or gamepass always ask for the ID of the shirt/gamepass. Never click a direct link to the shirt or gamepass as this can cause many threats to your device and potentially steal your private information.

Being hired

Being hired is a different approach than hiring someone.

To prevent being scammed, never give your work without them paying first. Always put a watermark or something to cover when showing some of the progress you have made. Don’t be manipulated by people words. Always follow a strict rule.

If I am missing anything that you think is important feel free to reply.


Direct links by themselves cannot do such harm. Malicious links can only grab your IP address or try to trick you in sharing your credentials. If you’re logged in to the Roblox site after clicking the link, you know it’s safe. Never log back in (if prompted) if the URL isn’t

Same goes for PayPal links.

The other tips are good, we call that way of working Milestone Payments. Most legitimate contractors are fine with Milestone Payments for bigger projects. If they’re not, politely reject and seek another.

Perhaps good to add that you can always ask for a preview (without paying upfront) when someone doesn’t have a portfolio or has too different styles.

I always get like 5 people who try to impress me with images they found on the internet, so they fail getting through a custom preview assignment.

And sometimes you find a hidden talent, they’re budget friendly and often have the best energy!


Thank you for replying! You are complete right. Some of these methods I have use in the past an have work. I personally don’t click links no matter what the harm, but just to be safe.


Just want to quickly suggest you space out the steps for easier reading and understanding…

I feel this is a poor rule and at times a little toxic as you’re just ignoring anyone whom cannot provide some work. This also doesn’t guarantee it was them whom made it, at least in my opinion.

Mainly the fact that the interviewed person(s) might not have the resources, money or know how to set up a portfolio or have any work to really show that they feel may be worthy for showcase (I know I used to think the same way about some of my old work and still do).

If you want to test them you could do the following:

Fresh baseplate → invite the dev to baseplate and assign a few simple tasks to dip your toes into the water of their capabilities → If successful assign slightly harder tasks → Repeat until satisfied.

This DOES in fact work. I have done this my self and have had it done to me many times before too. It is a more efficient/more secure way of interviewing a user and seeing their weaknesses and/or strengths (Whether it be remotes, certain services etc).

You said it your self that most new devs don’t have portfolios

As a freelancer my self I personally don’t just hand over work to the other party willingly. To me it sounds like you’re calling people scammers if they decline to hand over their unpaid work or if they want to change the way your friends test.

Usually if the scripter is competent they are testing the code and reading the code to optimise/squash any bugs before even testing it in the first place.

What I mean is:

Fresh place → put work onto baseplate → publish work → public the place and allow the person whom you’re working for play the game and test it.

Giving a person your work for them to test it (being the source code and any other assets) even though no payment has been received is a bad practice for developers alike.

I didn’t see the bottom part of the being hired section but this still fits imo

This is no way true. Like what the person before me said:


Another great way to prevent scams is to have a contract! I will no longer do commissions with someone when the payment is over a certain amount unless they agree to sign a contract.


I see what you’re saying. I did say never accept a project unless a portfolio is shown. Sorry for the understanding. I usually like to see portfolios and to be honest I believe giving a person an opportunity like you explain in your post is a great idea. What I really wanted to say is don’t accept projects from really confident people without any evidence that they can do it. But, you have a point, yes you can test their ability which is completely fine. Thank you for replying, I appreciate the feedback!


I am very confident a child won’t or probably couldn’t legally sign a contract, yeah it could work but not many are confident with a contract.


Minors can get assistance from their parent or guardian to sign a contract.

Parents wont sign random contracts from strangers so that their child could get a job in Roblox (which they probably haven’t heard of or think is a joke)


From my own experience, my parents supported my game development endeavors as a minor and helped me sign contracts for legit commissions. It’s sad to hear some parents aren’t supportive, but many are and they’re involved in what their teen does online in terms of part time employment or commission work.

Why bash the parents because they may not be aware of something being possible? If I knew nothing about a children game and my kid told me that they can get money if they sign a contract sounds pretty stupid and sounds like some form of scam etc.

just because your parents signed their signature away on your contracts doesn’t mean that other parents are below yours.

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