How pro developer learn Vector Math

hi , yesterday i saw a pro dev script , he use so much Vector math, can u tell me whats the best way to learn vector math for 14 years old

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As a 14 yo, I assume you are exposed to enough Algebra, and Linear Equations in Gr. 8/ Gr. 9.

Before you get exposed to vectors and grade 11 + stuff, you need some foundations.

Here are some prerequisites you need to learn:

  1. Pythagorean Theorem
  2. Trignometry Sin, Cos, Tan (grade 10)
  3. Linear Systems and Equation (grade 10)

I agree, it’s a long learning curve, but its worth it, you can learn vectors without those basics, but you will end up being a tree without roots, so I recommend you to learn those. It will take some time and effort, dont worry.

Here’s also an article from Khan Academy

so i need to learn all of those?

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I edited the link, Try using the new link.

here’s the new link again.

So i want to be the tree with roots , what do i need to learn first

Ok so,

You first need to be perfect in these (you can go in order)

  1. Algebra
  2. Analytical Geometry
  3. Linear Equations and Systems
  4. Trignometry
  5. Functions

Now you can move onto vectors

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I don’t believe trigonometry knowledge is necessary in development in Roblox, since there is a built in magnitude property which does the work for you there (at least for the more common application of trig), but I agree that the other things are important to know.

So how u apply it in roblox studio

Generally I like to refer to vector forces, this basically means you put one direction on top if the other to figure out where the end point will be (it will move in a line from start point to end point).

The best way is to play around with it and to learn it for a practical use, this leads to some progression towards use and advancement.

CFrames are a bit different as its combining both orientation and position but if you learn the basics properly that understanding will come in time.

I recommended you to learn those topics to know the concept behind everything, rest on how to apply all that into Roblox Studio, you will have to learn CFrame and Vector API on Roblox.

I will tell you to learn about Inverse Kinematics on Roblox, basically, it uses all those concepts.

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can u sent me link of khanacademy of those lessons

I second this link!

But also… you don’t have to learn everything immediately. Go slow, learn the parts you need to learn to accomplish the thing you want to do. Expertise can come later.