How scary/horrific the game can be before being deemed as inappropriate in ROBLOX?

(My first posted topic btw)
I was thinking of making my horror-styled-(semi-realistic)-futuristic-fps-zombie-game as scary as it possibly can.

To prevent my future game from being taken down/or held under hostage, what are the things should I not include/or what should I replace them with?

I’m planning to include the following things:

-Guts flying out of zombies (Just rectangular brick ones colored in deep red with some sphere shaped ones, not actually detailed guts)
-Have the ability to shoot yourself in the head if you’re infected to prevent yourself from turning into a zombie (Or have a survivor do that for you)
-Likely lot’s of blood splatters
-Intensive-horrifying zombie roars and stuff—includes loud as hell screeching
-Decapitating zombie heads
-If a survivor is infected, they continue coughing and has a chance of coughing out blood to indicate that they’re infected
-Very detailed zombie models (That includes blood wounds, with an actual bloodeh mouth, image shown below)

Would be very cool if I can keep all of the features above

Also, I’ve also heard from a few people that lot’s of new members in the DevForums are complaining that many posts are wretched posts—I hope this isn’t one of them.


Going off of the gore-filled BLOODFEST, most of these would seem as fine.

I’d change the blood from red to green, so it still resembles blood but it wouldn’t be as gory as blood.

However, do NOT include anything like this;

Any reference to suicide will instantly get the game taken down.


Ight, thanks!

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However, last question:
If you can’t do that, is it still exceptional if other survivors have the ability to take out the infected survivor or no?


Yes that’s allowed.


You’ll also be fine if you let players take themselves out through deadly environmental hazards – as long as you don’t encourage it or talk about it. Smart players will think to jump into a deadly pit or something on their own without you prompting it. If enough smart players start doing this, nearly everyone will because the rest of the players will learn by watching.

Some examples of “environmental hazards” include:

  • the classic “lava brick”
  • a deadly pit
  • deadly electricity
  • fire
  • heavy, crushing machinery

I recommend that when a player plays for the first time, you give options to remove blood and/or reduce/remove the screeching.

Every person is affected differently, especially based on past experiences in their lifetime that may be triggered by certain sights/sounds.

If it is already a thing which I am not aware of, or becomes one in the future, I also recommend automatically toning things down for under 13 players.

Other than the suicide aspect, Roblox rules don’t set hard limits, so you need to be careful because you never know for sure when you go too far. Just think about your target audience and judge based off of that.

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I’m stretching it here but what about Phantom Forces and their respawn button which says you died from suicide when you press it. (F5)


By references to suicide, I mean anything in the game involving suicide directly. Using “suicide” as a term for environmental hazards/fall damage wouldn’t be considered inappropriate because it’s not being prompted with intentionally killing your own character.

The “Suicide” term used here is just a placeholder for when you didn’t die by a player.


Dually noted

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Can a small bonus award be added to that? As like
“Prevented zombification” bonus?
or still a no?
Or maybe a hidden feature?

I imagine you could get away with it but I would avoid it. A hidden bonus would be safer, but still a gray area that I would avoid. Essentially, avoid giving players a “suicide bonus”, even by another name.

It will look better if you have a “suicide bonus” just “coincidentally” give you points if you suicide. For example, a bonus that you get for not becoming a zombie at all – which you get in many situations, including suicide, winning, and dying from another player – would look better.

In a similar vein, you could flip the above bonus around: a “zombified” point subtractor that you get if you fully become a zombie. Getting less points for becoming a zombie looks better than getting more points for suicide even if it’s practically the same thing.