How set speed of part?

I need to set parts speed. How to do it? I tried to use force, but it started at slow motion and got faster.

You should try to use Velocity

I tried, but i had lags, when updating it.

You can try tweening it with TweenService.
As you know TweenInfo only takes the time for the tween, if you have the speed you can calculate the time using the Speed Distance Time principle:

Speed = Distance/Time
Time = Distance/Speed
Distance = Time*Speed

Try and be more specific about which method you are using. CFrames? Velocities? Constraints?
Specifying your method and intention of use will benefit.

I used the BodyVelocity force and it works quite nicely

I set the P property high

“The higher the power, the quicker the force will achieve it’s goal”

I’d say tweens would be better for anchored parts, every time I have used tweens for unanchored parts it just didn’t work out for me

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Oh, I forgot that i can set its velocity by bodymover. BTW what is the difference between maxForce and p?

MaxForce is the maximum force a part can go

P is how quickly it reaches the goal velocity

I think

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