How should a new scripter go about learning scripting?

I recently picked up learning LUA Roblox scripting, I was wondering how I as a new developer should go about learning to script, besides learning the basics which I have already done so, whats the passport to advance scripting?


I’d learn about roblox’s services that you can work with; how to work with roblox events; and functions/properties of instances that are commonly used, like how to reposition a part, or how to setup a weld

Repositioning a part and set up a weld is really basic stuff, Im talking more about efficiency and optimization, writing good code yk?

in that case, maybe look through Code Smells and practice optimization on something like HackerRank

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uh those are not roblox Lua though?

it would show you how to optimize code in general, and that’d translate to Lua

alright thank you for the resources.

AlvinBlox. Use AlvinBlox for tutorials.

As a professional software developer, the only advise that I can impart is just do it. Start coding, and with practice you will get better. But like all things, to get good at something takes time and energy. Become familiar with the tools available to you; especially the debugging tools.

When I started Roblox scripting back in March, I picked up a book from Amazon. I read the book, did the games and the examples. The biggest issue with scripting nowadays is exploit prevention, detection, and remediation.

This is the book that I learned Roblox LUA scripting from:


When I was learning, I would just pick a topic that interested me and became an expert in it through DevHub, DevForum, and YouTube.

I watched around 20 hours worth of game making tutorials for roblox, and just listened to them all in the background, so i would just learn while i did other stuff.

Finding longer videos, that explain everything well is pretty good to just listen to while doing homework or something.

I strongly agree with the “Just do it” method. Its really just the best way to learn because you get used to writing and get the ability to reflect on what was wrong/ slow/ broken. I mainly just made things that I found fun and enjoyable to make ( not working towards a specific game ). Just recently I made a perlin noise map generation like minecraft and I had to blend colors and heights to make the map look good.

I think the main reason I would be able to mess with this even better when I go to another project is that I know the ins and outs of all the stuff I worked on.

I also reccomend looking up stuff when you dont know how it works. It mixes up into a well thought out understanding of the syntax and the input / output, but also the experience of messing it up so you know what to do next time.

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When I started getting more advanced I thought AlvinBlox’s videos were extremely helpful, as they expose you to many of Roblox’s most common and useful Services that you might not otherwise know existed.

Also, this might seem obvious, but don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. The most rewarding experiences I’ve had in scripting have come from trying to make something that I didn’t think I could. Challenging yourself in this way forces you to think differently about problems than you have in the past, as well as to do a bit of research to learn about new concepts.

I also wish I had used the DevForum more, which it seems like you already have a leg up on me in that regard.