How Should I Add More Factors To My Gameplay?

I am currently working on a simple obby themed as the season of winter. I am still in the stage of developing some basic Server-sided scripts and the obby itself, along with creating terrain for the obby’s map.

I have been having trouble thinking of other factors I can add to my gameplay that can make my obby game more interesting and engaging.

[Note: I have looked for other topics about this, but most talk just about engagement rather than specifics on how to design different factors to gameplay or certain game mechanics.]

How can I approach making engaging game mechanics to my gameplay to have more engagement for players that visit it?

How about doing a search using your favourite browser for obby games and see what’s out there.
You may get some inspiration for just a YouTube of a game play.

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Alright ill try that :+1: Thanks for the response :slight_smile: