How should I censor lyrics in a plugin?

I’m working on a plugin to control Spotify through a plugin, and I want to show lyrics in the plugin, but I’m not sure how/if I should censor the lyrics. I’m worried running it through Roblox’s filtering would censor a lot of lyrics (especially rap) and there wouldn’t be much use, but I don’t want full of cuss words to be on. I’m not sure if/how strict the guidelines for this are with plugins.
I was thinking of probably making a word ban list, then just censoring those words, but I’m not sure if it could catch them all.
Thanks to any more knowledgable people!

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This isn’t a prominent use of a plugin and I’m sure a replica of the desired result you are trying to achieve could be done by creating a windows app and making it always on top of other windows.

To answer your question, it is not possible without Roblox’s filter system.