How should I design my clothing store?

I recently started making clothes for one of my groups and I’ve been doing pretty good. I’m not sure what homestores are for but I like the idea so I’ve decided to make one! One problem though, I have no idea where to start. I’ve never done this before.

So what’s the best way to start a clothing store? Is it just a building with shirt racks, or is there more? Is it even worth it? What else should I know before I start?

Thanks in advance!


It’s great to have such an entrepreneurial idea. If you succeed, I advise you to try this business, I have a piece of advice for you. When you open the group, you can cooperate with beautiful studios, this will help you a lot. And if there’s one thing I have to say, you can make big sales if you succeed. My English may not be very good, I’m sorry. If I could be of help, I’ll be happy. Good luck!


Study real life images of clothing stores and play a few homestores in roblox. Take inspiration, some on racks, some on the wall, some design. Different areas, try to make it big enough so that you can serve and please your wider audience.
Younger players, older players, females & males. Since Roblox is predominately kids-teens, they will wear Thrasher, adidas, puma etc… humans will always want nice things.

It may take many drafts, many designs, many tries but the important thing is that you work hard on it, put the time in and survey your audience and other games.

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