How should I design this dance floor?

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to think of a design for this dance floor to fit the rest of the build. The current one is a demo that I made, though I’m hiring a scripter to make it a lot nicer. The issue is I’m not sure yet what to tell the scripter to do, which is why I’m asking here for some advice.

You can view the demo here.

The map is still a work in progress but here are some photos of the map to gain a sense of the style I’m going for. Sort of a retro-wave cyberpunk space-y style.

Moving on from this, I’d like some ideas to make the general dance floor work a lot nicer from a functionality standpoint, and fit with the map as a whole. Currently it just switches between different groups of 3 colours and inverts the colours. I feel that this functionality is too simplistic and again, the general design of it doesn’t really match the rest of the map.

I’d really like some tips in how to design the dancefloor’s functionality, such as specific patterns maybe, and perhaps an alternative style of the actual dance floor build itself.

Thank you!


My main suggestion is not on patterns but rather colours. I believe quite some people will enjoy having an RGB dancefloor which features a shade of each colour type (Red, Green and Blue) in the 3-colour pattern that’s in the game right now. this will allow the dancefloor to switch from fitting with the club’s architecture, to fitting with its lighting.

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As above, I agree as well. I think colors would look amazing then patterns for the style of the build but overall the pictures shown look amazing! Also since the main color of it is black and purple (since your doing retro) maybe try and stick with colors that would be like yeah the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) or some colors based on retro. Maybe try to stay away from the colors that most use which are the rainbow colors and put them everywhere. There’s a lot of colors that you can use but my suggestion is probably retro colors or the RGB colors.

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