How should I draw a head?

I’m trying to draw some characters that I’ll eventually make avatars of to use in a game or put in community resources and I want to make the drawing realistic but I can only draw roblox heads and stick figure heads, not good ones for real people. What’s the best way to draw it for a beginner artist like me? So far I’ve tried an oval like I normally do but it didn’t look that good.


Youtube Tutorials can help this Problem.


This is what I found: How To Draw Simple Heads - Drawing for Beginners - YouTube

It wouldn’t really fit with how I’m drawing the rest of it. Do you have any video recommendations?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

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Well, It helps a bit. But you can improve it tho. Since You’re a Fast Learner and I watched the Tutorial. Well Goodluck about your Future Project!

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You could draw their heads until the chest in a chibi form. It should be easy for beginners!

What’s a chibi?

It’s like a small person where the head is usually bigger than its body. It’s meant to look cute.