How should I fill the empty spaces in a city?

Each Game Have is Own Space For Refill a city
Jailbreak - Buildings
Emergency Response: Liberty County - Trees

Rocitizens - Parking

Only Some Buildings are interactive…
And I where searching Another ways for refill a big city, Be it Roleplay, Showcases, ETC,
I hope you have understood my point.

I would really appreciate if you could give me some other way to fill spaces in a city :slight_smile:


Benches, trash cans, npcs, add all that would be in a real city!


You can fill empty areas with just about anything that blends in within the city something you would see in real life. Most of the time you will see certain areas around a city filled with remaining trees or parks pedestrian paths; to get a more defining look if you want to have your own sort of look place props benches - fountains - ect.

I would advise always looking at images to get an design on what you should place down in empty areas within around the pedestrian walkway roads and more right know it depends on what areas need to be filled. Have a few reference images by your side to guide, you with gathering small ideas and try implementing them inside your city.

City areas have trees, playgrounds, office buildings and others to fill empty corners or spaces.


Statues, of the developers? Easter Eggs?
or just look in your city and do the same it doesn’t matter if some game has the same idea

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Construction spaces are pretty common in cities, undone constructs, could work with those as well as the rest of the things suggested above.

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It depends on how you want your city to look. If it’s a crime riddled metropolis, then have dark, dirty, grimy alleys with garbage bags and cans and cubicles. Have signs of the homeless, like blankets and empty cups and turned-over hats.
If it’s a clean city, have trees, benches, empty trash cans, and parking spaces. Maybe even add cute little establishments in-between areas, like bite-sized restaurants or pop-up shops.


Maybe a lake, river or pond? Be creative with games, that’s what they are for.

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As a ROBLOX city designer I recommend to look up on Google Maps for big cities and see how they filled the areas between high rise (or low rise) buildings so you can find some inspiration.

In general, I would fill empty areas with small parks (and eventually a 'Central/Main Park"), pedestrian boulevards, forests, or even sport accommodations such as a soccer field or a basketball court. Also squares (with a monument) are a nice addition or small details like power boxes, fire hydrants etc. Last but not least, there are also some flats that are surrounded by grass with trees.

Below you can find some own examples:
Small parks

Pedestrian area Small buildings/trees

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Depends on what type of city it is and where you need to refill. If it’s a small area with short buildings I suggest using trees, if it’s an area inundated by skyscrapers make smaller buildings, if it is a park place use trees or benches.