How should i go about attempting to replicate black neon?

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  1. How should i go about mimicing black neon?

  2. a while ago roblox removed black neon, but i liked it alot for magic effects so how can i remake it?

  3. I tried using particle emitters or making mesh parts however, with mesh parts the particle doesn’t wrap around the mesh but instead make a box shape or whatever shape a particle makes.

black neon: far left,bottom.

black neon: meshpart


Try to use surface lights. Might help


Surface lights don’t add a glow to an object. They only cast light on nearby surfaces. They don’t illuminate the object ITSELF that they are attached to.


I don’t think it’s possible, but maybe you can make a black neon with white glow by putting a white neon part and putting a black texture or decal on all sides.

Edit: I didn’t mean to reply to that comment. I meant to reply to the post.

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Is this what you wanted to replicate? I think I did a pretty good job replicating the black neon part you showed in the picture.

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for now this is the best we’ll get however, eventually black neon might be possible with the addition of this new custom material feature. hopefully they support neons because honestly. it feels like every new feature supporting blocks doesn’t support neon.

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this is actually a great idea to try out, and i think i might use it in the future for other things

They will never support neon because neon dont uses any texture just script for emission.

(Sorry for bumping) I’ve known a trick to make glowing material but not black glowing material. Basically, youll need the material as a texture, then you can manipulate the texture’s Color3 to make it 511,511,511. This way, itll glow. Negative color3 also exists but i dont think itll help much. Also, I really needed black glowing neon, so that might be a good reason for bumping.