How should I go about doing sponsored games?

At some point, I want to do sponsored games. My issue is, how do I make it capture player’s eyes when the entire games page is nothing but bright colors. Should I include faces? If I have 2,000 :robux:, how much should I bid? Are sponsored games better than advertised games?

I have a feeling that my game (Uncryonized), doesn’t have the kind of thumbnail that would catch people’s eyes. Although it’s not done yet, it would be nice to know.

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But is your game icon a good representation of your game? If you’re making a strategy game or something that only a niche audience will play (anything that is not roleplay or simulator or tycoon quickly becomes a niche audience) it is important to capture what your game is in it’s icon. If you’re going to include bright colors and faces, the actual target audience might ignore it while kids that do play will be dissapointed.

Your game will market itself if it accurately represents itself in its best light, not by miss-representing.

2,000 is a minor investment in ads compared to what other titles invest (100k for a day is not uncommon). Advertisements give you more space to communicate what your game is about, whereas Sponsored Game placements usually work better with more familiar games/genres.

tl;dr it’s not about capturing everyone’s eyes. It’s about getting your game in front of players who actually want to play it. If only 5% of Roblox’s audience would be interested in your game to begin with, don’t waste your Robux


Thank you. This is incredibly insightful, and I’ll bookmark this thread later to see when I’m done with it. I might go with advertising, but I don’t have a lot of money to do so.

your game was one of the first i noticed on the pic