How should I go about doing this?

I’m making bombs for my game, and I came up with a piano that can be dropped out of the sky and fall to where you want it to drop to, then it will explode. It will also ragdoll enemies that are hit by it when it falls.

The thing that determines the piano’s target will also be visualized by a red transparent version of the piano, and the user will be able to change how far the piano falls.

How should I go about making this?

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if you mean actually how, then for the piano: raycasts and heartbeats should make your path more obvious, and ragdolls: I’m sure you can find some post/tutorial about

if you mean how, then that sounds more like a question for #help-and-feedback:game-design-support


I didn’t need to use raycast ever since I changed how the system worked using the mouse’s position and what-not. I’m currently about to work on the ragdoll system, although I’m specifically checking if any players hit are under the position of the bottom normal of the piano.