How should I go about growing my obby game's playerbase?

Hello everyone.

I am 0UnaffectedGaming, and for the past year, I have owned an obby that has consistently had anywhere between 50 and 150 people playing the game at a single time. I am making this post because I am looking for any advice you guys would have for me to improve the game because although my game is doing well at a glance, the average visit length is 7.88 minutes, which I feel is not very good.

I was hoping you guys could try playing my obby and give me some advice as to anything I can improve in order to increase the average playing time as well as the overall quality of the game. With this post I am mainly looking for ways I can attract more people to my game and increase the concurrent player count. I would appreciate any insight you guys can give me.

To increase the number of players, you can:

  1. Run adverts. If you are good at graphic design, you can make an advert. If you are not, you may hire someone to do this. Spend some ROBUX on advertisements, but do it incrementally (not all at once). Spend perhaps 500 ROBUX every week/few days, depending on what you can afford. Make sure the advert is appealing and enticing.

  2. Pay for sponsorships. You can create a sponsored experience advertisement for your place by clicking the three dots and clicking ‘Sponsor this Experience’. This will display your game on people’s homepages when they are browsing for games to play. They may choose your game!

  3. Get active on social media. Build a presence on Twitter, Guilded, Discord and other platforms, posting photos and updates for your game in these locations. I see that you have some of these already, but are not utilising/advertising them as much.

  4. Update the game frequently, and ensure it has objectives/something fun that will keep users coming. Make sure to update the obby frequently. Perhaps add seasons, or collectibles as you go across the obby, such as coins or items that you discover. You can also add daily goals/challenges for users to become motivated to join the game and complete them.

Obbies in general are quite hard to get active, unless you find a very interactive format such as Tower of Hell. If you think really hard, you could probably invent a new interactive format, in the way that Tower of Hell did with their original stacked and generating obby towers with time limits. You can try to invent your own brand new obby format, which may takeoff wildly!

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