How should I go about making a status effect system?


I want to make status effects for my fighting/destruction game, but I’m having issues figuring out how I should make a status effect system. My initial idea months ago was to use OOP, although I wasn’t very experienced, and ended up creating a system with countless unsolvable answers at the time.

1. The way it would work is (from what I understand), that the module consisted of a status effects table (statusEffects) that contained all of the functions that manage status effects such as the Ragdoll one, which causes players to ragdoll, and a “players” table (players), which had a dictionary containing every status effect and their attributes.

2. The “players” table .__index was equal to itself, and whenever a player was added they were indexed into the table as setmetatable({}, players). I assume that this was so that each player would have individual tables, and so the server could manipulate the values by utilizing the status effects table’s functions such as Ragdoll.

An example of this is when the Ragdoll function changed the active boolean to true if it wasn’t active already.

I never added a feature that allowed the status effects to be stacked.


local statusEffects = {}
local players = {}

-- Status Effect Variables:
-- active : a boolean that determines whether a status effect is active or not.
-- duration : a numberValue that represents the current amount of time that a status effect has of being active. (all are 0 on default and will be changed when status effects are used.)
-- multiplier : a numberValue that represents the multiplier that a status effect has on a player. (all are 0 on default and will be changed when status effects are used.)
-- maxTime : the maximum time that a status effect can be activated for.
-- stackable : determines whether a status effect can stack or not.

players.statusEffects = {
	["Ragdoll"] = { -- Ragdolls players for x amount of time.
		active = false,
		duration = 0,
		maxTime = 7,
		stackable = true

	["Slowed"] = {
		active = false,
		duration = 0,
		multiplier = 0,
		maxTime = 10,
		stackable = true


statusEffects.Ragdoll = function(player, timeSet)
	local playerInTable = table.find(players, player.Name)
	if not then = true
		for index, joint in pairs(player.Character:GetDescendants()) do

So, I’m pretty stuck and unsure about how to approach this, especially because I haven’t done anything related to OOP in months… So what should I do?

What I did was just set up a module with the status effect functions inside and would call them on a player, setting the variables etc then adding them to the appropriate table incase I had to find players who had the status effect active. You could also just use attributes, or creator tags which both have built in events for adding, changing, and removing values.