How should I go about turning multi-color unions into meshes?

Title says it all. The two solutions I’ve come up with are making a texture for the mesh in blender and recreating the colors or just making separate meshes for each color. I’d like to UV map them and make textures but I’ve found it doesn’t work very well with CSG imported from ROBLOX. Is there an easier way to do it? Or am I just better off using single color meshes?

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For exporting your Unions into Blender, there’s always going to be a lot of messy geometry to clean up before you’re able to use the mesh in any meaningful way, like setting up UVs, texturing, etc. It takes some time, but with the “Remove Doubles” tool (Search > Remove Doubles), it makes it considerably easier… Still not very easy though, unless there’s an alternative I don’t know about.

In the future, if you can avoid using CSG as templates for meshes, and instead just make the mesh in Blender, do that.

It really depends on what your requirements are for the asset. Personally I tend to texture important things only because I like to add more detail that simple BrickColor + Materials can’t offer, but if it’s for a simple asset then I don’t waste the time.


I kind of had a feeling this would be the case. I will try the Remove Doubles thing, but I probably just need to spend some more time modeling in blender and move away from CSG modeling :sweat_smile:. Thanks!

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