How should I improve my gfx?

How should I improve my gfx?

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2020-03-10 16_36_05-(5) Silver City (BETA) - Roblox 2020-03-10 16_54_30-(5) Diamond Damage (MAJOR UPDATE!) - Roblox


Hi! I would suggest trying to use more effects on the text! But overall I like it.

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The GFX’s are not bad at all to be honest, Probably use better fonts. And if you are using Blender, Use Cycles renderer for the Renders without background, It gives a very detailed look to the render. Try using Less Glow in the second text. And little Drop background. Also try using better Effects and not over using them. Otherwise, I feel like you can become way better at this.

Good luck in future commissions! :clap::grin:


Decent graphics, nice work. Vary your fonts and add strokes & drop-shadows. Poses could be refined through rigs. More effects will add detail to your graphics. Blend your renders with the background: for an example, the ‘Diamond Damage’ graphic didn’t work well, as your render didn’t blend properly with the background. Themes should be considered when editing and rendering characters. Render settings could be adjusted to improve the resolution of your renders. Good luck on improving your graphics.


Overall, there is no doubt in my mind that you are a very good creator and I really like your work, however I feel as if screenshots that include characters shouldn’t be heavily covered in text aswell as removing the tools at the bottom, if there needs to be a character, make sure it isn’t covered by text almost entirely as seen in the “chemistry” one. Other than that, your work is amazing in my eyes!


Green-Screen GFX is alright, but it’s no match for actual 3D backgrounds.


3D Backgrounds are something to consider since they really can improve the quality of anything you make.

Used Blender and GIMP to make these btw.