How should I improve this UI?

I’m working on a MMORPG, and I’ve kinda just put myself in charge of doing the UI. I didn’t make any of the images, another member of our team did. We can’t find any way to improve this so far.

The top bar is a health bar. The bottom is stamina, and the notch in the middle is where you can’t sprint until you have more stamina. I just feel that it’s kinda out of place with the game, it fits the style but… doesn’t feel right, and my eyes don’t seem to look at it much while playing.

Any ideas?


Health bars are generally not in the center of the screen, but in one of the corners. I’d also decrease the size in the Y direction by like, half. Maybe also add some more traditional colours to the bars. Red for health, blue for mana. White/yellow for stamina.

The left side of the UI shouldn’t be the same as the right side, I think. The side closest to the corner might look better flat and then the opposite corner curved as you have it here

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Personal preference; the UI is better centered. The bottom bar looks a bit off, make it brighter/less saturated? The white also looks strange - change it to maybe a light red or green.

Yeah, I’d have to agree. Maybe make the health bar have some color in it.

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It looks great enough. Though would i would change is the gradient.

otherwise, 7/10