How should I keep abilities organized in my game?

Hello, I have a quick question. Currently, I am working on character abilities, and I am not sure if how I have everything laid out is effective or not. There’s two parts to the abilities, one is the client side and one is the server side. On the client it detects a press and does client sided checks to see if they can do it, and on the server the same checks are performed incase they are exploiting.


In the above screenshot, this is how I have the scripts laid out. Based on if they’re on mobile or PC they will get different scripts cloned into their character, and these are the control handlers


On the server, there is one master script that receives all remote events, and modules for every corresponding ability.

My question is: Should I combine the client side all into one script, and on the server combine all modules to one script, and keep the master script, or is there a better way to go about this? Thanks

Bumping to see if anybody got a solution?