How should I learn scripting?

I have been trying to learn scripting for a while. What do you recommend?

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Begin by using tutorials. Then after you’ve had a small understanding you can start taking free models and others script and analyse them. I learned loads from analysing scripts in free models. Next you could go to the dev forums and also analyse code there.

@Dev_Sie Has given some good channels. Consider beginning with the channels she or he provided.


I think that youtube is a great way to learn scripting, there are many devs who have playlists teaching scripting.

Also obviously, practicing a lot helps. Once you learn something new get into studio and use that and make sure you fully understand it.

roblox api can also be helpful: Roblox API Reference Manual

Some people also find toolbox scripts helpful (I do not tho) it is totally up to you but still I would not suggest going in toolbox and learn from others scripts because that is very confusing.

also make sure that you don’t always follow tutorials or you will get stuck in something called tutorial hell, please stay away from toolbox and following tutorials on how to do specific stuff (example would be, how to make a building system) even if you make it you won’t be able to progress much after that and find yourself stuck in a tutorial hell. (it is perfectly fine to watch tutorials if you fully understand what they are doing and just wanted to realize how you would achieve the same result.)

that said, learning takes time and practice. However, lua is not as hard as it may seem and I am sure you will get it down soon enough! Good luck.


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