How should I make a consistent theme?

I want to make use of the fancy new UIGradients, but I need some advice on what I should do to best accomplish this. I deliberately chose to not have color, but I’m willing to listen to those advising for it, as long as the colors aren’t too flashy. Here’s a screenshot depicting what one of the menus looks like right now:

Yes, this is for a long-awaited overhaul update to Doomspire Brickbattle. Not the tools though, that’s for testing purposes only.

I like how my Submit button has a gradient background. But I didn’t like it when I tried to put a gradient on everything. I also really do not like it as is. The button seems very out-of-place. I’d rather do a style update that’s more subtle, so if there’s a way to make the theme consistent without making every single item on the screen use a gradient, I would definitely want to try that. If consistency means not using gradients here though, I’m also willing to hear the case for that.

I suggest making the “Submit” Button a light shade of green. It doesn’t fit too well with the rest of the design as it is currently.

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