How should I make icicles?

this thing:

how to do icicles

Maybe make them slightly transparent, and maybe make them thinner/longer and add more icicles. If that doesn’t help maybe try googling pictures of icicles. I can’t really say much.

Looks good tho.

Also, what program are you using?

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Make the icicles pixalated, and make it so that the circle and icicles are one thing, instead of it having an outline between the circle and the icicle, hopefully you understand what I’m saying.

i’m using photopea.



It looks great! Exactly what I was saying, now make the icicles pixalated so it could look like the text. Also for the ICE if the white text is gonna be pixalated, maybe make the rounded square and circle pixelated too? Idk I’m going for the pixalated vibe.

Looks much better! A few notes though; maybe remove the glow around the icy sphere, or at least make it larger or less noticeable, it makes the ice look matte. Also, if you can, add sharper shadows to the text, and a final thing, maybe make it slightly transparent. The last one if purely stylistic, but I think it would help sell that the logo is actually made of ice.


Here’s a mock up of what it would look like.

I made this in (it’s a program, not a website. If you want it here’s the actual link:
I used the Crystalize and then the Frosted Glass distortions to give it a “warped” effect like how ice does. Also I added the glow but made it less noticeable and more spread out so it wouldn’t look very matte.


yes yes, i am quite familiar with from elementary school, very nice, i have tried that here:

this better (it is but i want your feedback)?

Not bad, but it doesn’t look like icicles with the (watercolor?) effect you’ve made anymore. I think in order to make it have an ice/icicle theme, you should have some sort of frozen texture inside of it, and maybe try adding a gradient effect, light blue and dark blue.


Uh, I mean make the inside of the circle have the Crystalize and Frosted glass effect. Making the whole thing have it doesn’t make it look very good.

but how would i do that? it seems easy but i cant seem to figure out what you did.

In, if your logo is on a separate layer than the background, select the empty area around your logo and press CTRL + i to invert the selection. Then go to your background layer and add the distortion effects.

thank you! this made my logo SOO much better

(i added some frosted glass too)

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The logo looks good but even though I’m asking / suggesting for the third time, may you please make the icicles pixalated? Like this!


It’ll really fit the text’s theme, and will overall probably make things better.

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i will do that later, yes, i thought you were saying different thing

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Looks much better, but yhy is the frosted glass everywhere except the ice though?