How should I make it so the "Idle" animation changes when holding a weapon? Also how do I fix the handle on tools


How do i fix the handle plss it makes swing animation look weir, and how do I make so like… animation changes when holding a weapon (im have an idle animation already made for the sword I just dont know how to only use it when holding weapon)



Copy the animation script from your character while testing, paste it into StarterCharacterScripts, expand its children, and replace the animations you want replaced.

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hi, im might be stupid but i dont fully understand what you saying plssssssss elaborate, what you mean expand its children thankssss

You can fix the sword tilt thing with this:

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I think he means to click the arrow near “StarterCharacterScripts”

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ij what im do after i click arrow

Don’t worry. There was a time when I probably wouldn’t have understood what I just said either. Here is a video to help you understand better.


oke how make it so I can also run while holding tool plss thxxx, makes me idle while moving idle animation while moving

Did you replace the walk or run animation? I don’t know why it would be doing this.

nopeeeeee bope bope bope I didnt

Did you already have a custom animation script?

hi im think so, im think so Post must be at least
Have you tried the like button?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying. Could you explain?

im dont understand what im saying eithe, here a video though

also any tip for the grip thing, im use grip editor but it still look kind of weirr, should I mess around wit grip editoe more

I think I see what’s wrong. The custom idle tool animation animates the whole body. It should only animate the arm holding the tool.