How should I make mobile controls for vehicles?

This is a question to most mobile players on how should I make the controls for a vehicle on mobile?
should I keep the just default joystick UI or is there something else thats used for vehicles?
I tried searching on google for some references and couldnt find any so what are you’re preferences?


Are you using Roblox’s default vehicle seat stuff or are you make your own car system from scratch?

Oh yeah Im making my own from scratch. Ill take a look at the vehicle seats default ui ( i didnt think of that lol)

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Hmm should I just used the default joystick then? Maybe ill make a poll:

  • Default mobile joystick
  • Other: PLEASE TELL

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not me accidently voting

Yeah just use the default joystick but I’m not sure how you can get the values for its direction and stuff like that

I think you should have buttons to control vehicles. I think that the default joystick is fine but it can make it harder to control vehicles. I used to play Roblox games with cars on mobile and I usually had a hard time controlling that used the default joystick (although that could just be that the cars had poor handling).

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